Tuesday, October 6, 2009

William Spry

1864 - 1929

William Spry was a successful two-term Govenor of the State of Utah from 1908 through 1915. Of his major achievements, his authorization to build the State Capitol Building is the most lasting. His moderate views on Prohibition are quickly forgotten.

Before running on the Republican ticket for Govenor, Spry served in civic capicaties as a tax collector, State Senator and US Marshall. Spry also held callings in the LDS Church, serving as missionary and later Mission President of the Southern States mission.

Spry was born in Windsor, England and grew up there before moving with his family to Utah Territory in 1875 after his family converted to the LDS faith.

Spry died in Washington DC of a stroke while he was serving as a commissioner in the U.S. General Land Office.

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