Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lilly E. Gray


Handily one of the most enigmatic of all burials in the Salt Lake City Cemetery is that of Lilly Gray.  Amid all of the burials reads one stone:

Lilly E. Gray
June 6, 1881-Nov. 14, 1958
Victim of the Beast 666

Naturally, this has made Lilly and her gravesite a favorite among any student of the cemetery as well as afficianados of the mysterious and paranormal.

Why does Mrs. Gray's stone read the way it does?  Was she a victim? or a prankster?  And what is the significance of the June 6th (6/6) date? Speculation has run rampant.  Typical of the discussion is http://paranormalstories.blogspot.com/2006/11/victim-of-beast-666.html

Those wishing to pay your respects to Lilly may do so in plot X-1 of the cemetery.

Those of you who want the most likely answer for the sinister inscription are wise to read Richelle Hawks research:

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