Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spencer W. Kimball


Fact: Spencer W. Kimball was the Prophet and President of the Church when I was growing up.
Fact: President Kimball was a grandson of early Apostle Heber C. Kimball.
Fact: President Kimball was not the inspiration of Yoda. Sorry. Urban myth.

Spencer W. Kimball was born on March 28, 1895 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before he was called to the Apostleship in 1943, he worked as an insurance salesman and banker. He served in church leadership for over forty years.

President Kimball was a diminutive man with a huge tenacity for the principles of discipleship. He was a powerful advocate of gospel doctrines and morality. He authored many faith-inspiring books and articles, including The Miracle of Forgiveness and Faith Precedes the Miracle.

Most notable of President Kimball's service as President of the Church was the revelation he and the leadership received to allow the blessings of the Priesthood to be extended to all worthy males of the Church.

For more information on the life and teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, please visit or Grandpa Bills G. A. Pages where you can download mp3's of President Kimball's devotionals.

President Kimball is buried at the northwest corner of the cemetery.

You can find the monument with this map.

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