Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Map

I have actually had a few requests for this, so this week, I will be finishing the map. Well, at least one of the maps. A comprehensive map of the gravesites of the Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, not just the ones that are popular or easy to get to. I've got a very busy Memorial Day coming up, so this map is just the thing to get me in the mindset.

It is done. I have printed a bunch of copies and left them outside the cemetery office if you want a hardcopy. Just go to the east side of the building.

EDIT #2:
I will keep links to my maps in the links to the left so it will always be accessable.

Or click here for a digital copy. I have this map created for printing on legal-sized paper.

Note that this is version 1.1, so changes might be coming along at a later time. Happy hunting!


AndersonFamily said...

Thanks for this useful resource. I took a tour of the SLC cemetery as part of an institute class and really enjoyed learning the history behind all the people buried there.

Being a bit of a map nerd, I've compiled the information on this and one other map into an electronic one you can view with either Bing maps or Google Earth. The marked locations include links to Wikipedia articles about each person, as well as a photo of the marker if available.

You can view the Bing Maps version here:

And the Google Earth one here:

Adam said...

Thank you so much for the map. We spent the afternoon following the map from one end of the cemetary to the other taking photo's along the way. We found two additional individuals that are not on the map - J. Golden Kimball and Orrin Porter Rockwell. Thanks again!

Melissa said...

Thanks for doing this! We are going tomorrow and I was looking for an easy to read map to direct us around to the Prophet's sites. This is so helpful and a very interesting blog!

Mark J. said...

Thank you, everyone! And rest assured, there will be other maps.

And I am working with a friend about the possibility of starting a sister site that deals beyond the fences of the Salt Lake City Cemetery.