Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alma Bailey Dunford


Alma Bailey Dunford was born in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England on August 19, 1850, son of Isaac and Leah Bailey Dunford.  In 1853 his parents brought him to America and settled in St. Louis.  In 1856, this family came to Salt Lake City, but were soon afterwards called to settle Bear Lake County, Idaho.  In 1864, A.B. Dunford came to Salt Lake City to live and has ever since counted this city his home.

Almost immediately upon his arrival in Salt Lake City, he began to study his dentistry with late Dr. W.W.H.H. Sharp.  In his profession, Dr. Dunford developed almost marvelous skill and soon became not only Dr. Sharp’s partner but the most trusted of Utah’s early dentists.  He made many trips from St. George to Bear Lake, carrying his instruments in his buggy and waiting on his patients in the pioneer settlements.

Alma was married to Susan Young, daughter of Brigham and Lucy Bigelow Young, on December 1,  1872.  They had two children, Leah Eudora , born February 24, 1874, and Alma Bailey, Jr., born August 13, 1875.  In early 1877 Alma was called to serve a mission in England and made arrangements for “Susie” and the children to spend time with Alma’s family.  Two weeks later Brigham Young died, and shortly after that Susie wrote to Alma saying that she no longer loved him and wanted a divorce.  Alma returned home from his mission and in August of 1879 he reopened his dental office.

On February 27, 1882 Alma married Lovinia Tricilla Clayton, a daughter of William and Margaret Moon Clayton.  They had eight children, two of whom died before adulthood. 
Alma died on February 1, 1919 in Salt Lake City.

Photo by Emily Joyal

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