Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thomas Battersby Child, Jr.


Thomas Battersby Child (5/6/1888-11/03/1963) was an architect and stone mason. Mr. Child designed and assisted in building some of the LDS ward houses in the Salt Lake Valley. He also served as Bishop in his local ward.

Perhaps he is best known for designing and constructing a giant esoteric diarama in his back yard. He began his work in 1945. This park, named Gilgal Gardens is a popular attraction for those who know where to find it. He envisioned a quiet place of solitude to meditate on the mysterious of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His plans for the garden included 12 large stone sculptures and displays. Surrounding these, he planned for 70 stepping stones engraved with scriptures and inspirational thoughts. Unfortunately, Mr. Child died before the garden was finished, but the organization Friends of Gilgal has stepped up to complete the garden.

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Those wishing to pay respects to Mr. Child can do so at the coordinates below.

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Latitude: 40°46'48.15"N
Longitude: 111°51'46.37"W

Family may also wish to visit his parents here while visiting the Salt Lake City Cemetery

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